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Bespoke usb flash drives
Bespoke usb flash drives

How do people feel about your brand ? How many people are you able to directly influence ? Tens maybe hundreds. Even if you have a lot of pals in various online networks, the chances you may have to influence all of them is extremely low. So, sometimes it’s better to get in touch with some “leaders” and let them spread the word about you. 
I’ve received 50 of these usb flash drives by BESPOKE. All of them have my brand (which is the URL of this site) on them.Should i give them away as simple business cards ? No, they are more than that! I need to pick the most “viral” people! (the ones that Seth Godin call “sneezers“).  When people use my usb flash drives, they will spread my brand between collegues and friends. I don’t  need to upload some contents on the drive, they will come here and read updated info about my activities and projects. 

And people will associate my brand name with the item: a neat and useful usb flash drive. What’s better than a fresh and positive starting point to make business ? 

(Thanks again to Pamela Lund for these beatiful usb flash drives, i need to do a better picture).

  • Gypsy Rose

    awesome Idea! I’m gonna use it! I already use pens as thank yous! This brings it to a whole nother level! Woot! thanks for sharing!

  • Aura

    Ma lo sai che questo blog è proprio figo? O_O
    Cavoli, com’è che non lo conoscevo? :D
    Uh… ma che bella la pendrive con il tuo brand *_* La voglio anche ioooo :D PS: Appena ci sei mi spieghi sul blog come si usa quell’Auction Sniper e se si paga? Thanks.

  • Aura

    Lo sto già usando.. aaha se riesco ad aggiudicarmi iPhone con questo stratagemma ti devo un favore!! :D

  • Corporate Branding Agency

    Great idea to give away a product that someone will definitely use as well as possibly share between several friends. Your brand perception is important why give away something cheap or a product not likely to be used. An idea I have used in the past that I found to be very affordable as well as a hot item was stylish reusable bags for the grocery or gym.